30 Steps to Help You Earn Money Blogging

Earn Money BloggingYou are here because you want to earn money blogging.  I understand how frustrating it can be to feel stuck – to feel that you are doing the best you can but not move forward, so I decided to create this website with actionable steps you can take to succeed in monetizing your blog.  This is something you can work on in stages – following the steps that I’ve laid out in sequential order over about a month or so, doing the steps simultaneously, or even just taking a few months to go through everything.  It’s really your decision, based upon the goals that you have for your website.

It’s not going to be simple.  There isn’t a switch you can flip to earn money blogging.   You have to work hard, and dedicate time and resources.  But you are in the right place.  Each page here offers a step to help you build a better blog.  Take time to complete each step, and you’ll find yourself in a great place to earn money blogging.  You may be tempted to just jump ahead, to start making money quicker, but remember that in order to earn money blogging, you’ll first need to have a blog that gets the attention of brands.  If you try to get paying work before you have a blog that warrants it, you’ll be hearing no a lot more than yes.

Keep in mind that this isn’t blogging 101.  I’m assuming you already have a blog set up, and are ready to take the next step.  In step one, I’ll explain how to make sure you are happy with your blog and branding before you proceed.  If you have changes to make, you can start them while still working on some of the other steps.

I’m offering this content completely free of charge, but I do ask that you consider linking to us or displaying our button (on the sidebar) if you find this information worthwhile.

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